How Relatively Practical Health Nuts Throw a Birthday Party For Kids

Parents, mostly moms, have asked me, “Ok, so what do YOU do for YOUR kids’ birthdays???” I laugh and say, “NOTHING! There will be NO fun in our house – only strictly enforced health rules!”

My daughter celebrated a birthday last week and had a big, loud, fabulous party over the weekend. What a great time!

To keep it healthy and simple, I served a tray of organic fruit (strawberries, blueberries and red & green grapes), a tray of organic veggies (carrot sticks, cucumber wheels, broccoli and grape tomatoes -really a fruit, I know!), organic blue corn chips with organic salsa and mexicali dip, organic potato salad, organic chicken hot dogs and organic chicken brats with organic buns and condiments. For drinks we had bottled water and organic juice boxes. Since it was a very hot day, I also encouraged the kids to drink the water before they had juice. They all agreed.

We had all the aforementioned food out for a good 2 + hours before we ever served birthday cake. I watched the kids – they had several servings of fruit and veggies early on in the party. BINGO! That’s all I’m lookin’ for! As I’ve said before, if you fill up with health first (give your body what it needs to be healthy), then I say if cake is what you want… go for it! Those kids were overflowing with healthy food by the time we brought out the cake! So many of them were too full to eat even half of their cake… oh, so sad! They left a nice big piece of NON-organic, completely delicious cake for ME! Hey, I ate plenty of broccoli first!

All the parents were surprised at the party favor bags I had prepared for the kids. I just can’t stand the junk that has crossed our threshold in those cute little baggies! I stuffed the gift bags with individual size bags of organic chocolate chunk cookies, organic animal crackers and organic Clif bars for kids. Sure, they got an overdose of starchy carbs… but I feel a TON better about what was going home in that bag than what I’ve previously seen.

The kids were lovin’ it! I heard a couple discussing their excitement and surprise by the fact that there was such a thing as “healthy” chocolate chip cookies! (I may have created some monsters!) I was stunned by the number of parents who said, “I just never even thought to give the kids something healthy in there!” Wow. My purpose in life has been reaffirmed!

10 Health Rules in Weight Loss Management

Just like anger control, fitness maintenance is also an important factor in shaping up one’s great physique. Stress can be a cause of why people tend to eat too much or get discouraged from working out. This leads to a health dilemma in the long run. Once health is threatened, your life is never the same.

Your mind must be too busy thinking about what kind of approach you should follow in order to manage or lose some pounds. For a start, why not learn these 8 health rules in weight loss management? In that way, you can map out your future health program appropriately without harming your own wellbeing.

1. Rule 1 states that you need to eat the required calories per day. Overloading yourself can be the cause of overweight. It’s said that you ought to deduct 200 calories in a day so that you can drop 20 pounds a year which is more or less 2 pounds per month.

2. Rule 2 declares that you ought not to daydream about skipping morning meals. Breakfast is the most significant to take in. Take it not beyond two hours since you get up from bed.

3. Rule 3 encourages that you must eat more breakfast instead of taking in more calories at night. A midnight snack will not help you. It will only give you more stored fats to break down.

4. Rule 4 says that you should not deprive yourself from eating whole grains, veggies and fruits. Get yourself out of shopping for processed canned goods and oily dishes.

5. Rule 5 points out that you should opt for slow drop of pounds rather than sudden weight loss. There’s greater chance of gaining pounds back if you’ve lost them so abruptly rather gradually.

6. Rule 6 utters that you must cut down on beverages like shakes, cold coffee, alcoholic drinks, smoothies and sodas in can. They add up some body weight.

7. Rule 7 endorses that fiber and cereals are to be strongly present in your menu every meal. You must eat at least three variations of food during breakfast, lunch and dinner.

8. Rule 8 tells that your body requires feeding at least every four hours unless you’ve had enough on your prior meal. If you do a morning exercise routine, you can consumer a bit of your breakfast before you start exercising and finish it up after your workout time.

9. Rule 9 shares that over-the-counter energy bars and power drinks have calories that your body doesn’t necessarily require. Take them only when body calls desperately.

10. Rule 10 suggests that you must resist on eating fast food items. Fried and saucy foods are high-caloric.

If you are more or less fed with the basic foundations and rules of fitness, you know your way towards managing your weight and getting a shapely figure.

Mandatory Airline Pilot Mental Health Assessments – What About Other Professionals?

Anytime the Government gives you a license to do your job, you are in serious trouble, and you can rest assured your career will be carefully controlled by the issuer of that license. Your future earnings, civil rights, on-going education, etc. will no longer be in your court, and if you don’t like it, you can go find a new job, and if you violate any of the rules now, or in the future (new rules will be non-ending) your license and livelihood could be taken away and/or you could face jail time. Seriously, that’s the way our government and governments around the world control our lives and careers. Let me give you the most recent example.

There was an interesting article in the Enterprise (Bloomberg News Re-print) on March 14, 2016 titled; “Airline Plan Suggests No Pilot Privacy,” by Ania Nussbaum and Andrea Rothman which stated:

“Authorities should re-examine how pilot health is monitored and assessed, and consider forcing medical practitioners to share any concerns with airlines in instances where the safety of passengers is highly at risk. The GermanWings crash killed 150 people. The pilot Andreas Lubitz flew the Airbus Group SE A320 into the ground after locking his captain out of the cockpit during a toilet break. It was later revealed that Lubitz was suffering from psychological problems that weren’t fully apparent to his employer because of privacy laws designed to encourage people to consult doctors without fear for their jobs.”

Okay, but what about HIPPA Laws and similar laws like that in the EU and elsewhere? The Wall Street Journal also had an interesting piece on this topic. And the Associated Press had an article also on the same day; “New Pilot Mental Health Rules Urged – Crash That Killed 150 Drew Focus to Issue,” by Angela Charlton and Geir Moulson.

These types of knee-jerk reactions will set really bad precedence. It happens when media incited fear leads people to believe that new laws must be made to protect them, when in actuality, in this case the Airline should have done more due diligence and actually knew there might be a problem with this particular pilot, but since they were afraid to address it due to PC regulations, they didn’t, everyone died and now we supposedly need a new law? No, it was the laws and regulations which were a major factor in this accident in the first place.

What next?

Will every profession which requires a government license require a psychological examination to make sure the person ‘thinks right’ and by right, we mean the generally accepted world of political correctness otherwise no license, no career, no income, no life? Are you starting to see the danger this precedence sets? If not, you are not paying attention, and your job could be next. Think on it.

#1 Health Rule – Don’t Get Jabbed

Although this article was written in response to an advertisement in an Australian newspaper – it is as valid in any other country.

I noticed, with a great deal of concern, that the Australian Government is once again selling out its most vital asset – its youth.

If we are not sending our most prized possessions off to war we are bombarding them with chemical warfare in the form of pharmaceutical medications.

Case in hand:

Advertisement in the Echo dtd 20 March 2007 stating that;

‘At last there’s some good news about cancer – a new vaccine developed in Australia, can protect against HPV, the cause of up to 70% of cervical cancers.”

Firstly, don’t be seduced by the patriotism angle.

This vaccine – GARDASIL, is a registered trademark of Merck & Co., Inc. – a pharmaceutical company that states that most of its biological research -” takes place outside of our laboratories, so we charge our scientists with building a ‘virtual lab’

Secondly – there is no ‘cure’ for cancer – just as there is no ‘cure’ for the common cold. It’s just that there is more money for research into a ‘cure’ for cancer.

Thirdly – anyone who thinks that by putting a disease forming substance into a healthy body in order to ‘protect against future ‘diseases’ needs to re-align their thinking.

Information regarding this vaccine states:


o GARDASIL may not fully protect everyone and does not prevent all types of cervical cancer, so it is important to continue regular cervical cancer screenings

o Anyone who is allergic to the ingredients of GARDASIL should not receive the vaccine.

o GARDASIL is not for women who are pregnant

o GARDASIL will not treat and will not protect against diseases caused by other HPV types

o GARDASIL is given as 3 injections over 6 months and can cause pain, swelling, itching, and redness at the injection site, fever, nausea, and dizziness.”

What is not being stated in this ‘disclaimer’ is that when the vaccine – or any toxic substance – is injected directly into the blood stream and bypasses the liver (the main organ of detoxification) there will be a reaction – of varying degrees from slight to serious.

o The ‘symptoms’ described by the disclaimer – pain, swelling, itching, and redness at the injection site, fever, nausea, and dizziness are the body’s first line reaction to the presence of a toxic invasion.

o What’s the solution? Of course – remove the cause – don’t put the poison into the body in the first instance.

If you are seriously thinking about subjecting yourself or your daughters to this abominable treatment may I suggest that you ask the doctor performing the procedure to sign a statement that there will be no adverse side-effects – now or later.

I’m willing to bet that no-one will rush forward to put their name to such a guarantee.

However, if you are concerned, worried, frightened and confused about the information you are trying to process, may I suggest that you put Nature’s doctors to work for you – Doctors that prescribe:

o Fresh, live, living whole foods – uncontaminated by chemicals, additives, colourings, etc.

o Pure air, water and sunlight.

o Vigorous exercise.

o Ample rest.

o Mental Poise – freedom from stress.

o Spinal Integrity to ensure the free flow of blood, lymph and nerve force.

These are all the vaccinations that anyone needs in order to remain in a state of health and happiness.