Easy Feng Shui – Health

There are many aspects to health from a feng shui perspective. Health covers much more than our physicality. We desire all aspects of our lives and our beings to be healthy. A healthy mind, a healthy self image, healthy relationships are all optimal states of being in this human evolution. The meaning of health is balance. And balance is achieved in many ways through many means. Physically, our bodies require a balance of activity and rest. Mentally we require stimulation and silence. It is Yin and Yang in operation; Yang being the outgoing, action oriented male energy and Yin being the nurturing, receptive feminine energy. We all run both energies regardless of our gender. We have to do this in order to experience optimal health in any area of life.

The health area of the bagua is located in the very center and is represented by the symbol of balance, Yin/Yang. The health area is deserving of attention because it is the foundation for a healthy life. It touches all of the other areas. The Health area is also the place where you can work on life situations not specifically addressed by the other eight areas. The balance of every other area of life is affected by health so it is important to enhance it. In life without your health it is difficult to have a thriving career, supportive relationships, express your creativity and generate the energy to bring in abundant prosperity.

Actually you can enhance your health in every area of the bagua. Each area has a corresponding body part and if you are having any issues with your body you can work with enhancements or cures in the specific areas with the intention of healing your physical body.

  • Prosperity/ Abundance rules the hip
  • Fame/Reputation rules the eye
  • Relationship/Marriage/Love rules all major organs of the body
  • Creativity /Children rules the mouth
  • Helpful People/Travel rules the head
  • Career/Life Path rules the Ear
  • Self Cultivation and Knowledge rules the hand
  • Happy Family rules the foot
  • Health rules all other body parts not specifically mentioned.

The element for the health area is earth, grounded, stable, balanced earth. The color is yellow or earth tones and the shape is square, flat or horizontal. Earth is created by fire in the creative cycle so the color red and candles work extremely well in this area. Wood pierces earth in the destructive cycle so you want to avoid the color green and tall tree like plants. Plants with round leaves are fine and the soil they are planted in is earth so they are a great enhancement for this area. Things made of earth, pottery, crystals, slate tile, which may also be square enhance the health area.

The health area is right in the middle of your home which can make it a bit tricky to work with depending on your floor plan. If this is an open area use a table against the closest wall to place enhancements or cures. All areas flow into each other and intention is the key. The health area in the house that I live in contains a staircase so I have placed several paintings with the earth element in them on the staircase wall. Under the stairs is a coat closet and storage space. I put a piece of yellow construction paper with my health affirmations written on it in there and I keep it organized.


Kelly Whetstone