Health: Naturally

Health shows in a natural vitality, eagerness, spontaneity, interest in life, freedom from pain and discomfort and in expressions of good cheer, kindness and affection. It is also demonstrated in clarity of mind and a clear sense of purpose in life. Total health is great!

But total health is rare. There are few people who seem happy with their lot, who suffer no physical disease, who are loving and kind, clear minded and purposeful and who are ideal examples.

When we are young, we generally experience good health. What happens to change things?

If good health is indeed natural and we suffer problems because we don’t keep to the natural health rules it could be simply argued that we should strengthen the education of children so that they can maintain their health and co-operate with us when we attempt to restrain them from indulging in habits which are contrary to nature.

Whatever our present age, it is the knowledge that our body cells change in cycles of approximately seven years, that encourages us to make changes in our habits NOW. It is never too late to change and improve our health for the future. For some people it may require great changes and for others it will require minor readjustments.

We need to refresh our own thoughts as to what these health rules are, keeping in mind that ‘Balance’ best describes what nature requires and what is the final objective in Good Health.

Nature requires natural foods in order to function – with variety and fresh produce providing the major part of the diet.

The body requires adequate sleep and rest.

Exercise is the means of stimulating all the body functions and ensuring good circulation of blood. Also for good muscular tone and strength.

Respiration feeds the body with oxygen and ensures oxygenation of all the body cells. We need to practise breathing properly and deeply in fresh air.

Upright posture should be used in walking, standing and sitting.

We should have times of sunshine directly on our skin – but in moderation.

If we live by these rules which also depend upon us maintaining positive emotions and clear thinking we should enjoy good health and a peaceful state of mind. BUT we also know that for this to be experienced we must overcome stress, particularly emotional and mental stress or our good efforts will be undermined. We need to be relaxed. MANKIND IS SICK

Undertaking personal responsibility regarding our health is imperative but there are problems in the environment and in our social climate which affect us negatively and make community health such a problem. It is a problem which no amount of medical skills and knowledge has alleviated to the extent that we see an improvement in the general level of public health throughout the world. Rather it is the reverse, with intensification of new infectious diseases to take the place of the old, there is the general dependence upon drugs and the need for surgery is on the increase. There are few families in all the millions in our society which have not a member suffering a serious accident, or having had a condition requiring surgery. The following disturbing facts are evidence of our deteriorating health –

There are few who die a natural death through wear and tear, old age and fatigue with life and who pass into death in their sleep. Most people die in hospital and a high percentage in agony or under drugs. There are few who die healthy. Many women are unable to conceive. There are many mothers who are not able to breastfeed their babies. There are many who cannot proceed with a natural birth. Many women are having hysterectomy before mid life. Thousands of women are operated upon for breast cancer, cervical cancer and other forms of the disease. Men in great numbers suffer prostate problems and cancer. Skin cancer is a national problem and incidence is on the increase. Statistics in this country indicate that in the community, one person in four dies of cancer. One in four dies of heart disease. One in four dies of kidney failure. This leaves us with only one quarter of the population therefore, to die from any other causes. Mental disease is on the increase with many young people having psychiatric treatment from their teenage years.

Drug addiction is claiming the lives of many of our youth. Suicide victims, mainly young people, are increasing – choosing to take their own lives and considering themselves as worthless. Alcohol destroys the health of a high percentage of the population directly through physiological damage to the brain and liver and indirectly through accidents caused by alcohol. Our hospitals are increasing beyond the population increase and proving incapable of proper services. Our mental patients and those with are increasing and admitted from earlier age. Our aged people are suffering dementia and other negative symptoms of senility beyond any extent of previous decades. The vision we have is not of a happy healthy community, but possible prospects of an undignified old age inside places which do not deserve to be called ‘homes’.

It must be that we have taken the wrong track in passing over to modern medicine the responsibility of giving us good health. There must be a better way – and that is that we build our own health – the natural way.