Mandatory Airline Pilot Mental Health Assessments – What About Other Professionals?

Anytime the Government gives you a license to do your job, you are in serious trouble, and you can rest assured your career will be carefully controlled by the issuer of that license. Your future earnings, civil rights, on-going education, etc. will no longer be in your court, and if you don’t like it, you can go find a new job, and if you violate any of the rules now, or in the future (new rules will be non-ending) your license and livelihood could be taken away and/or you could face jail time. Seriously, that’s the way our government and governments around the world control our lives and careers. Let me give you the most recent example.

There was an interesting article in the Enterprise (Bloomberg News Re-print) on March 14, 2016 titled; “Airline Plan Suggests No Pilot Privacy,” by Ania Nussbaum and Andrea Rothman which stated:

“Authorities should re-examine how pilot health is monitored and assessed, and consider forcing medical practitioners to share any concerns with airlines in instances where the safety of passengers is highly at risk. The GermanWings crash killed 150 people. The pilot Andreas Lubitz flew the Airbus Group SE A320 into the ground after locking his captain out of the cockpit during a toilet break. It was later revealed that Lubitz was suffering from psychological problems that weren’t fully apparent to his employer because of privacy laws designed to encourage people to consult doctors without fear for their jobs.”

Okay, but what about HIPPA Laws and similar laws like that in the EU and elsewhere? The Wall Street Journal also had an interesting piece on this topic. And the Associated Press had an article also on the same day; “New Pilot Mental Health Rules Urged – Crash That Killed 150 Drew Focus to Issue,” by Angela Charlton and Geir Moulson.

These types of knee-jerk reactions will set really bad precedence. It happens when media incited fear leads people to believe that new laws must be made to protect them, when in actuality, in this case the Airline should have done more due diligence and actually knew there might be a problem with this particular pilot, but since they were afraid to address it due to PC regulations, they didn’t, everyone died and now we supposedly need a new law? No, it was the laws and regulations which were a major factor in this accident in the first place.

What next?

Will every profession which requires a government license require a psychological examination to make sure the person ‘thinks right’ and by right, we mean the generally accepted world of political correctness otherwise no license, no career, no income, no life? Are you starting to see the danger this precedence sets? If not, you are not paying attention, and your job could be next. Think on it.