Health: Mental Fitness

To avoid being ourselves a part of the general social problem of mental health, we each must follow a personal mental fitness programme just as we follow our physical health programme. In this way we can anticipate a comfortable future for ourselves and contribute to a healthier society in general.

Many people have to learn to adjust to physical disabilities and physical disease and often can still lead relatively comfortable lives but mental diseases are even more difficult. They have a powerful negative effect upon our total well-being as well as upon everybody around us and frequently one patient will require several helpers. Without mental health life can become unbearable.

We know that there are certain habits and practices which will give us good physical health but how do we know what to do to keep ourselves mentally healthy? Where can we learn to follow a mental health programme?

Mental Health Rules

If the rules and requirements for physical health and fitness are well known to be associated with hygiene, posture, nutrition, pure water, exercise, relaxation, sleep and rest, sunshine, fresh air and the need for a clean, natural environment, it seems reasonable that we can follow the same principles regarding our minds. And if we apply these rules with the same enthusiasm we give to physical fitness, we can surely expect good results to follow.

So to maintain mental health we need a clear, uncluttered mind, positive attitudes, nourishing or enriching thoughts and ideas, ample exercise to keep our minds strong and flexible, sufficient rest and sleep for restoration of our mental energies and a wholesome mental environment.

Our mental environment is as important for our minds as the physical environment is for our bodies. Our minds can only thrive in surroundings which are congenial and free of disturbing and negative thoughts and influences.

Basically then, the rules when defined, are seen to be simple, requiring only a degree of self discipline in order to put them into effect. The key to success is in the application of the principles. Then we can expect to retain our intelligent grasp on life, keep our full mental faculties unimpaired and retain a joy in living to the end of our days.

We may see others exercising for physical health and admire what they are doing but we will never know the benefits they feel until we follow suit and do the same. We each must make our own effort and this is just the same regarding mental fitness. Those who are getting good results are already following the mental health rules.

Concept Of Mental Health

To motivate us we have to have a concept to inspire us. So, just as we know how we feel when our body is in a healthy state, we need to consider what constitutes an ideal healthy mental state. These signs of good mental function and expression are recognized in a person who has balance and stability, mental strength, rationality, self-confidence, will power, vitality, mental creativity, compassion, developed talents, generosity, fearlessness, love and kindness. We refer to the ideal when we are assessing our own qualities.

Our general concept also anticipates that such a person would be cheerful rather than morose, calm instead of confused, ethical and law abiding, truthful, fair minded and self controlled. Perhaps, we would also naturally anticipate that such an individual would have a good sense of humour as well as a capacity for logical thought and common sense. They would also possess a degree of self confidence which would allow them to feel secure and therefore kindly disposed towards others rather than expressing defensive behaviour and negative traits of personality.

Any healthy minded person is intelligent and creative with a keen intellect, capable of generating new thoughts and expressing a wholesome enthusiasm for life. This latter quality is perhaps of most importance. But we need to build up a clear picture of our own as to what we are aiming for in our efforts to achieve and maintain mental health.

Above all, we wish to live untroubled and at peace within the inner world of our own mind.

Thoughts And Feelings Are Entwined

The human psyche however, is a blend of both thinking and feeling. Our nature comprises a partnership or co-operation between emotions and thought. Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish the difference between thought and feeling when they are blended, or even confused. But they are certainly aspects of our nature which function on different planes. Sometimes thought and feeling run parallel, sometimes not. For instance we can have happy thoughts and entertain similar joyful feelings or can have pleasant thoughts yet can experience a feeling of foreboding. Our happiest moments however, come from a positive and harmonious blending of both aspects of our psyche. So we must be sure that our thoughts and our feelings work together.

We require discipline and self-control to establish physical health and we require application of the same when we are ensuring the health of our emotional state. As our emotions have a strong influence upon our thinking we must remain positive to ensure that negative emotions have no chance to endanger the plans our mind sets for our life goals. Rather, we depend upon our strong and happy emotions to give impetus to those goals.

There is no point in spending mental energy for a cause only to have its success undermined wayward emotions. And equally it is not satisfactory to have strong positive emotions seeking expression but that are denied by our own fear or negative thinking.

Mind Must Master The Emotions

Following the natural fluctuations and difficulties between thoughts and emotions experienced in adolescence, it is fundamental to our character and well being that in maturity, our thoughts assume the responsibility of leadership over our emotions. So when conflicts arise, as can often occur, the mind can be responsible for employing the emotions in such a way as to result in happy, positive outcomes.

The mind must assume the powerful role of benign Director of our lives, encouraging our best emotions and subduing the negative. This is the starting point for mental fitness. Good teamwork between a positive mind and balanced emotions results in an ideal state to undertake mental fitness disciplines, just as a physical fitness exercise programme is a pleasant experience when the body is willing. Conflict between mind and emotions generally results in indecision, depression or in emotional storms which temporarily damage any determined intent of the mind.

Most psychological tensions are based on this disparity between what our mind aims for and what our emotions desire. They must become co-operatively harnessed to a single purpose or at least oriented in the same direction.

Get to know your emotional moods and energy and learn to be happy and to expand your capacity to experience positive emotions, the greatest of which is love. But let your emotional nature be directed under the leadership of your thought.

Just Follow The Rules

Once we know the role of the mind and its natural duty is to direct our emotions, we can accept the responsibility and feel confident that we can cope with any of our own rebellious moods and emotions. We are then free to follow the mental health rules: We need to keep a clear, uncluttered mind; maintain positive optimistic attitudes; entertain enriching thoughts and ideas; give exercise to our minds to keep them both strong and flexible; ensure we have sufficient rest and sleep for restoration of our mental energies; and provide ourselves with a wholesome mental environment.

Become Free Of Stress

Stress is said to be the most common symptom of mental disease. It is difficult to avoid exaggerated responses and to remain un-phased by extremes in others and remain calm and rational at all times. A person who can do so earns our admiration and we should try to follow instead of reacting quickly according to our old habits.

Negative moods and conditions of stress and tension in others cause us to react quickly as stress is infectious unless we keep a hold on our responses just as we have to learn to handle our own stress to avoid affecting others in a negative way.

We all experience minor symptoms of mental disturbance or anxiety on occasion and it is best that we learn to deal with stressful situations as they arise.

There are many ways to deal with stress – from learning the art of relaxation and meditation, yoga, tai-chi , taking up a hobby or a sport, deep breathing, herbal tonics and supplements, therapeutic massage and so on. But remember to be kind to yourself and be sure that you are caring for yourself as you should, enjoying a natural lifestyle of your choice, developing your inherent talents and creating a life which is according to your own plan. Then you will be so happy that there is no room for inner stress.

If you should suffer anxiety which is not due to obvious factors, it may be advisable to seek the counsel of a professional psychologist who can help you to regain perspective or advise you appropriately.

Stress is just another way of saying something is wrong in our lives, whether it is within ourselves, our circumstances or in regard to wrong decisions and choices. Each of us inwardly holds the key to what is causing our unhappiness. Each of us has the capacity to correct what is wrong if we are honest with ourselves and are prepared to make changes.

The simplest way of relieving nervous tension is by practising relaxation and meditation, But there are many simple and natural ways of relieving stress through self-help methods.

It is important that you avoid taking drugs or medication for stress unless you are under the care of a psychiatrist.

Nine Ingredients for Better Penis Health – Reaping the Benefits of Good Nutrition

Everyone knows the keys to long-term health are eating right, exercising, and getting the daily recommended intake of essential vitamins and nutrients. Most men believe that if they follow the basic health rules, the entire body – penis included – will be taken care of. While it’s true that what is good for the body is good for the penis, there are a few things a man can do to ensure he maintains proper penis health for the long haul. Learn what 9 essential vitamins and nutrients the penis needs today to start the journey to a healthier penis and sexual health life.

9 nutrients for a healthy penis

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Targeting the nutrients to the penis

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Health: Naturally

Health shows in a natural vitality, eagerness, spontaneity, interest in life, freedom from pain and discomfort and in expressions of good cheer, kindness and affection. It is also demonstrated in clarity of mind and a clear sense of purpose in life. Total health is great!

But total health is rare. There are few people who seem happy with their lot, who suffer no physical disease, who are loving and kind, clear minded and purposeful and who are ideal examples.

When we are young, we generally experience good health. What happens to change things?

If good health is indeed natural and we suffer problems because we don’t keep to the natural health rules it could be simply argued that we should strengthen the education of children so that they can maintain their health and co-operate with us when we attempt to restrain them from indulging in habits which are contrary to nature.

Whatever our present age, it is the knowledge that our body cells change in cycles of approximately seven years, that encourages us to make changes in our habits NOW. It is never too late to change and improve our health for the future. For some people it may require great changes and for others it will require minor readjustments.

We need to refresh our own thoughts as to what these health rules are, keeping in mind that ‘Balance’ best describes what nature requires and what is the final objective in Good Health.

Nature requires natural foods in order to function – with variety and fresh produce providing the major part of the diet.

The body requires adequate sleep and rest.

Exercise is the means of stimulating all the body functions and ensuring good circulation of blood. Also for good muscular tone and strength.

Respiration feeds the body with oxygen and ensures oxygenation of all the body cells. We need to practise breathing properly and deeply in fresh air.

Upright posture should be used in walking, standing and sitting.

We should have times of sunshine directly on our skin – but in moderation.

If we live by these rules which also depend upon us maintaining positive emotions and clear thinking we should enjoy good health and a peaceful state of mind. BUT we also know that for this to be experienced we must overcome stress, particularly emotional and mental stress or our good efforts will be undermined. We need to be relaxed. MANKIND IS SICK

Undertaking personal responsibility regarding our health is imperative but there are problems in the environment and in our social climate which affect us negatively and make community health such a problem. It is a problem which no amount of medical skills and knowledge has alleviated to the extent that we see an improvement in the general level of public health throughout the world. Rather it is the reverse, with intensification of new infectious diseases to take the place of the old, there is the general dependence upon drugs and the need for surgery is on the increase. There are few families in all the millions in our society which have not a member suffering a serious accident, or having had a condition requiring surgery. The following disturbing facts are evidence of our deteriorating health –

There are few who die a natural death through wear and tear, old age and fatigue with life and who pass into death in their sleep. Most people die in hospital and a high percentage in agony or under drugs. There are few who die healthy. Many women are unable to conceive. There are many mothers who are not able to breastfeed their babies. There are many who cannot proceed with a natural birth. Many women are having hysterectomy before mid life. Thousands of women are operated upon for breast cancer, cervical cancer and other forms of the disease. Men in great numbers suffer prostate problems and cancer. Skin cancer is a national problem and incidence is on the increase. Statistics in this country indicate that in the community, one person in four dies of cancer. One in four dies of heart disease. One in four dies of kidney failure. This leaves us with only one quarter of the population therefore, to die from any other causes. Mental disease is on the increase with many young people having psychiatric treatment from their teenage years.

Drug addiction is claiming the lives of many of our youth. Suicide victims, mainly young people, are increasing – choosing to take their own lives and considering themselves as worthless. Alcohol destroys the health of a high percentage of the population directly through physiological damage to the brain and liver and indirectly through accidents caused by alcohol. Our hospitals are increasing beyond the population increase and proving incapable of proper services. Our mental patients and those with are increasing and admitted from earlier age. Our aged people are suffering dementia and other negative symptoms of senility beyond any extent of previous decades. The vision we have is not of a happy healthy community, but possible prospects of an undignified old age inside places which do not deserve to be called ‘homes’.

It must be that we have taken the wrong track in passing over to modern medicine the responsibility of giving us good health. There must be a better way – and that is that we build our own health – the natural way.

What Do You Do If You Have Health Problems and Want to Sell Your Home Quickly?

This weekend’s news proclaims that the health secretary is to give personal cash to the elderly. This is to be the first time that the elderly in England will be given cash to enable them to fund the social care they need.

This means, from April, the elderly will be in control and able to decide how they spend the money for their care instead of waiting for social workers to decide what they need. This will also be extended to the younger disabled person who will have a personal budget allocated for care.

This is definitely a step in the right direction especially as the onus is more and more on care in the community and people staying in their own homes. The downside is that this funding will be means tested.

The present Department of Health rules say that anyone having more than thirteen thousand pounds of assets has to part-fund their own care and if you have over twenty one thousand, five hundred you must pay the full amount.

However health problems affect us all at any age and if you are suffering a long-term or terminal illness then the last thing you need are financial problems, although this is often the case. Selling your home can be a tiresome process at the best of times and more so when you just do not have the energy to cope.

One of the main problems is the uncertainty of selling with and estate agent, you never no whether a buyer will change his mind at the last minute or if you are in a chain, who will decide to make the next move.

Uncertainty is particularly a problem if you want to sell your home to move into a residential or nursing home, as this can take as long as six months. What happens if there isn’t a bed available at the particular time you sell?

House sale specialists offer a new way to sell your home fast. One such company is An Instant Sale who is based in Leicester. They operate differently from an estate agent in that they can buy your house from you in as little as seven days. There are no valuation, solicitor’s fees or agent’s fees.

They will work with you to find a solution to your specific problem. If you need to move into residential care, they will buy your house from you and then allow you to rent back until your room is ready.

If your problem is that expensive medical bills are exceeding your income causing mounting debts, then they can buy your house from you, release the equity to pay off your debts and provide you with further funds for your medical expenses. Once again if you want to stay in your home they will rent back to you at the market rate.

Perhaps you are finding it difficult to manage the everyday maintenance and cleaning. When you find a home more suitable to your needs, house sale specialists can give you a fast cash sale so you put in an offer as a cash buyer. This works in the same way if your motives are to move nearer a son, daughter or your friends.

No matter what your problem or why you need to sell your house quickly, house sale specialists will guide you step by step to avoid the hassles you normally associate with selling a property.