What Do You Do If You Have Health Problems and Want to Sell Your Home Quickly?

This weekend’s news proclaims that the health secretary is to give personal cash to the elderly. This is to be the first time that the elderly in England will be given cash to enable them to fund the social care they need.

This means, from April, the elderly will be in control and able to decide how they spend the money for their care instead of waiting for social workers to decide what they need. This will also be extended to the younger disabled person who will have a personal budget allocated for care.

This is definitely a step in the right direction especially as the onus is more and more on care in the community and people staying in their own homes. The downside is that this funding will be means tested.

The present Department of Health rules say that anyone having more than thirteen thousand pounds of assets has to part-fund their own care and if you have over twenty one thousand, five hundred you must pay the full amount.

However health problems affect us all at any age and if you are suffering a long-term or terminal illness then the last thing you need are financial problems, although this is often the case. Selling your home can be a tiresome process at the best of times and more so when you just do not have the energy to cope.

One of the main problems is the uncertainty of selling with and estate agent, you never no whether a buyer will change his mind at the last minute or if you are in a chain, who will decide to make the next move.

Uncertainty is particularly a problem if you want to sell your home to move into a residential or nursing home, as this can take as long as six months. What happens if there isn’t a bed available at the particular time you sell?

House sale specialists offer a new way to sell your home fast. One such company is An Instant Sale who is based in Leicester. They operate differently from an estate agent in that they can buy your house from you in as little as seven days. There are no valuation, solicitor’s fees or agent’s fees.

They will work with you to find a solution to your specific problem. If you need to move into residential care, they will buy your house from you and then allow you to rent back until your room is ready.

If your problem is that expensive medical bills are exceeding your income causing mounting debts, then they can buy your house from you, release the equity to pay off your debts and provide you with further funds for your medical expenses. Once again if you want to stay in your home they will rent back to you at the market rate.

Perhaps you are finding it difficult to manage the everyday maintenance and cleaning. When you find a home more suitable to your needs, house sale specialists can give you a fast cash sale so you put in an offer as a cash buyer. This works in the same way if your motives are to move nearer a son, daughter or your friends.

No matter what your problem or why you need to sell your house quickly, house sale specialists will guide you step by step to avoid the hassles you normally associate with selling a property.